Aesthetically functional is what defines Atomi scooters. When simplicity and ease of use meet iconic style, a new path of aesthetically pleasing functional designs is created. With a rich history in designing and manufacturing the best in electric and traditional scooters globally, Atomi products are far from new. Atomi is a new breed of electric scooters, named for the infinite release of atomic energy and echo’s the sound of the electrical resistance unit ohm, our products are charged with over 25 years of innovations and original creations that pathed the industry we know today. Scooters have come a long way since their early days, from the earliest iterations until the electric revolution, scooters have provided a more convenient, and let’s face it, funner mode of transportation for city dwellers and urban lifestyles. With every step forward and every breakthrough, came a team of exceptional designers. Today, that team are ready to bring their experience directly to you.

Our Promise
Discover Originality

Discover a better way to roam your world. Atomi scooters are built to your surroundings and designed to adapt to your environment and lifestyle. We’re connected by sprawling streets and endless scenes that need to be explored. We share the love of the city and the heart of the people inside, and we’re on a mission to connect your streets with a more human mode of transportation. That’s why we’re committed to becoming one of the most trusted names in city and electric transportation and the streets ahead are looking well paved. With our vast knowledge in designing electric scooters and countless patents in hardware and software innovations, we’re ready to bring you the next generation of travel. Whether you’re commuting to work or just passing by, Atomi scooters will be firmly by your feet on every block. Discover the power of Atomi.

Our History
From Extreme to Requisite

Founded in the year 2000, we started our journey as a manufacturer designing, improving, and producing some of the best scooters available on the market, selling them to some of the most well known and loved brands. Today, Atomi have continued the same trend, with our electric innovations spanning 15 + countries and collaborations with the biggest players in the electric scooter world. We decided it was time to bring our products directly to the market, bringing with us all our industry patents, copyrights, and latest technologies directly to you, the consumer. Not only are we excited for this next period in our team’s history, but we’re also proud that we can offer industry leading products at great value to our users, without compromising the highest level of quality control in any scooter manufacturing process that we set out. Our decision to connect with users directly is what allows us to achieve these feats, and what comes next is up to you. We hold a philosophy of designing for the consumer, what you say plays a big role in the next generation of electric scooters. We believe that the best of ideas doesn’t always come from us, but the best in quality and innovations does. Together, we can create the best in electric scooters.