Lumières ambiantes de performances puissantes à longue portée pour scooter électrique pliable Atomi Alpha
Lumières ambiantes de performances puissantes à longue portée pour scooter électrique pliable Atomi Alpha
Lumières ambiantes de performances puissantes à longue portée pour scooter électrique pliable Atomi Alpha
Lumières ambiantes de performances puissantes à longue portée pour scooter électrique pliable Atomi Alpha
Lumières ambiantes de performances puissantes à longue portée pour scooter électrique pliable Atomi Alpha
Lumières ambiantes de performances puissantes à longue portée pour scooter électrique pliable Atomi Alpha

Lumières ambiantes de performances puissantes à longue portée pour scooter électrique pliable Atomi Alpha


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L'équipe Atomi a réduit le minimalisme à ses éléments essentiels et les a appliqués sur la conception du scooter Atomi Alpha - profil simple, palette de couleurs pures, un soupçon de bits colorés contrastés pour plus de caractéristiques et beaucoup de lumière. Le résultat est subtil, sophistiqué et un peu futuriste. Toutes ces idées de conception ont leurs racines dans un principe : la fonctionnalité. Atomi Alpha offre toutes les caractéristiques clés qui profitent le plus à chaque cycliste et maintiennent un haut niveau de durabilité et de commodité.

Grâce à notre expertise dans la fabrication des scooters extrêmes et des scooters de partage dans le passé, nous sommes en mesure d'atteindre un équilibre entre un look élégant et une robustesse à toute épreuve.

- 650W Max. Motor Power

- 40km/25miles Long Range

- 30km/h Max. Speed

- 9-inch Anti-puncture Tubeless Tires

- 120kg/265lbs max load.

- LCD display

- 2 second double insured folding mechanism

- Built-in combination lock

- Ambient Light bars

- App Bluetooth

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We are operating at normal capacity, please expect all orders to be processed within 24-48 hours of being placed. Delivery times are as follows:

East Coast - 3-5 business days

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Although we are currently operating with normal capacity, many of our delivery and processing partners are not. Please follow the tracking information for the most up to date delivery status and do not hesitate to contact our support team with any additional questions.

We are aiming to provide riding worry-free experience to all Atomi users. That's why we offer 12 months of warranty on any manufacturing defect and another 12 months of repairs at cost (you pay what it costs us, no mark-up), for a total of 24 months of coverage. This is the longest warranty period in North America.

650W Brushless Motor
Powerful Performance

Equipped with Max 650W powerful rear motor. ALPHA scooter let you enjoy the quick acceleration and torque, and power up 20° hills.

Longer Fun, Less Charging Time

Highly safe 10Ah 18650 power lithium-ion battery will take you ride up to 40km of long range from a single charge.
2A charger saves you 25% charging time comparing to other typical scooters, in case you might sometimes be in a hurry.

Hidden Rear Suspension
Extremely Smooth Ride

Alpha features rear suspension to handle the potholes in your ride and guarantee you a smooth ride in various terrains.

A hidden one “secretly” doing its job.

No burden. Pure comfort.

Anti-Puncture Tubeless Tires
Say NO to Flat

9-inch wheels are made of puncture-proof tubeless tires. They do not feature innertubes, therefore there is no way you are getting a pinch flat. The tires can be ridden at lower pressure, meaning improved comfort, traction and rolling performance on rough surface.

Built-in Combination Lock
Worry-Free Parking Up

Why bother to carry a bulky and heavy lock with you? Alpha e-scooter offer you a built-in combination lock on top of the App locking. Enjoy the light weight ride!

LCD Display Dashboard
All Clear In A Glance

Unlike other typical scooters, Atomi Alpha features LCD display with higher Resolution Ratio to make sure all important information is displayed clearly and vividly. So you can see them all at a glance.

Customizable Ambient Light Bars
Light Up the Ride

Light has been applied vastly in minimalism. We casted light bars on Alpha to characterize the whole and bring it to life. The color and pattern can be chosen on the ATOMI app to fit your OOTD (Outfit Of The Day), or even MOTD (Mood Of The Day).
Go for Orange on Friday afternoon, or Blue on Monday morning? Your choice.

Worldwide standards Complied
Safety Lights

Safety is our primary focus. You will always see and be seen even in low-visibility conditions with our LED Front Light, blinking Brake Tail Light, and Indicating Lights. They meet all the safety standards worldwide. It also features 4 reflectors to ensure your safety during night ride.

Double insured folding mechanism
Extra Safe Folding

Simply flip, fold, and clip, you can fold and secure the scooter in 3 smooth steps. All done in 2 seconds.

No worries that you might sometimes be in a rush and forget to clip, the patented Automatic Locking Mechanism gives you double insurance. We’ve got you covered.

Dual Braking System
Responsive yet Smooth Braking

Having a scooter with a good set of brakes is the key to ensure your safety.
Alpha equips with progressive E-ABS and drum brake. E-ABS is a regenerative brake which can recover energy and thereby extend range. Drum brake performs better by stronger braking power in both wet and dry conditions than foot or electronic brakes, and lessmaintenance required than disc brake.

Smart App Control
Connect with Atomi App

The Atomi App allows you to refine and customize the riding experience to your liking.

3 Speed Modes (Pedestrain, Eco, Sports) setting let you coast with ease.

The app also features Battery Level, Map Navigation, Distance, Cruise Control, lighting pattern and more.

24 Months WARRANTY

The most comprehensive worry-free warranty in the industry. Wears and Tears are covered for 24 months.


We accept returns on unused scooters within 14 days of delivery. Return shipping cost must be covered by the customer.


2 business day fulfilment for all in-stock scooters. 3-5 business days average delivery time in the US.

What Others Say


Absolutely love the ambient lights and the cable lock!

Sania B.
Verified Buyer

It looks sleek but feels solid enough, I took it for a short spin and would say it is truly an excellent scooter

Stella C.
Verified Buyer

Brilliant Christmas gift to treat myself! it's heavier than it looks and feels very sturdy on the road.

Zack H.
Verified Buyer

One of the best scooters I have tried on! Amazing customer service too. Happy with the purchase.

Joseph O.
Verified Buyer

I searched and test ride many major brand of scooters, and am now completely satisfied with Atomi Alpha.

Greg D.
Verified Buyer


App lock is convenient but it is not effective enough to protect your scooter from thefting. Cable locks remain the most affordable option. Anything that wraps around and fits inside a cable lock can be secured. (If the location allows for it, we always recommend bringing your eScooter inside with you though.)

Tubeless tires have no inner tube. They massively improve puncture resistance thanks to an inventive solution that foregoes the inner tube. A tubeless tyre offers lower rolling resistance, which makes the vehicle feel lighter while on the go. The life span of a tubeless tyre is longer compared to a tube-type tyre. The air in this tube doubles up as a cushion and makes for a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

The light on the charger will turn green from red when the scooter is fully charged. It takes around 6 hours from empty battery to full.

The range is 25 miles from a single charge. It was tested fully charged, with a 75kg rider at 25°C, with no wind on a level road in pedestrian mode at a uniform velocity of 15km/h. Actual results may vary
based on differences in temperature, load, wind speed, road conditions and other factors.

It can take the weight up to 120kg/265lbs. It is not recommended to exceed the maximum load as it would affect the performance by putting more strain on the suspension and motor, lowering top speeds and overall range, and increase the chances of maintenance problems with the scooter.