Electric Scooter Overview: ATOMI ALPHA

ATOMI ALPHA stands as the flagship of the ATOMI Scooters brand, meticulously crafted by the ATOMI team to embody both style and functionality. What makes the Alpha truly shine among the sea of e-scooters?




Its standout features include:


  • ANTI-THEFT CABLE LOCK: Alongside App locking, it boasts a built-in combination lock for added security.


  •  LONG RANGE, QUICK CHARGING: Enjoy up to 25 miles of range per charge, with a 2A charger that reduces charging time by 25%.


  • PUNCTURE-PROOF TIRES: Say goodbye to pinch flats with tires that eliminate the need for inner tubes.


  • POWERFUL PERFORMANCE: Featuring a 650W motor, the Alpha delivers swift acceleration, ample torque, and effortless hill-climbing capability.


  • SMART APP CONTROL: Customize your riding experience with ease through the intuitive Atomi Smart App.


  • WORLDWIDE CERTIFIED, RIGOROUSLY TESTED: Ensuring adherence to stringent quality and safety standards.



ATOMI Alpha is more than just an electric scooter— it's a testament to innovation and comfort. Equipped with turn signals, integration with the ATOMI Smart App, and 14 dynamic LCD ambient light scenes, night rides become safer and more enjoyable. Plus, its 9-inch tires and rear suspension guarantee an exceptionally smooth ride.




As an added bonus, ATOMI ALPHA is currently available at a discounted rate, accompanied by a complimentary phone holder with every purchase. However, in the pursuit of adventure, safety remains paramount—always don your helmet and protective gear before embarking on your next ride.


Experience the future of urban mobility with the ATOMI ALPHA—a symphony of performance, style, and innovation that redefines the electric scooter experience.